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The Esser® Vineyards Story

Esser® wines are produced from the cool Central Coast Region of California and crafted from sustainably farmed vineyards. These wines express the fruit, the climate, the terroir and water into a poetic expression of flavors long sought by wine connoisseurs from around the globe.

Monterey County, CA MapTemperature is critical for the development of flavor, fragrance and acidity — lack of heat and grapes rarely ripen; too much and the acidity, delicacy and the long lasting qualities of the grapes expressed in the finished wine are lost. Esser® wines benefit from the daily cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean, creating flavorful and expressive varietals with complexity, finesse and balance. The selective vineyard sites span from the north of the Salinas Valley Riverview (Region 1) and Viento (Region 2) to the south of San Lucas (Region 3) and Hames Valley (Region 4), just north of the San Louis Obispo County line.

The grapes are processed expeditiously in the modern winery facility in Greenfield, the center of their vineyard holding. After blending the “Best of the Best”, the finished wine is transported in temperature controlled trucks to southern Napa for bottling, followed by aging in temperature controlled warehouse facilities of the Napa Valley.

Under the new ownership and with a team of seasoned professionals, Esser® Vineyards is positioned as one of the premium Central Coast producers creating award winning Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Esser® wines offer Old World elegance, and express terroir as well as exceptional varietal character.

About Appellation Ventures

Appellation Ventures, LLC. was formed in early 2013 by seasoned professionals and acquisitioned Esser® Vineyards in August of 2013.

In 2017 Appellation Ventures launched a new brand, Las Palmeras Vineyards, to pay homage to the Franciscian Padres of Monterey County and their winemaking legacy.

In just four short years, our hard work has translated into highly acclaimed, award winning wines with distribution in 28 countries and 36 states across America, with a 115% sales growth in 2015 alone.

Our wines are sourced from grapes grown on environmentally sound and sustainably farmed vineyards in the cool Central Coast/Monterey Valley region of California.

Appellation Ventures

Our Winegrower is a Proud Member of The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

Benefiting the environment, the community and high quality grapes and wine.

Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing is a certification program that provides verification by a third-party auditor that a winery or vineyard implements sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

The vision of the Sustainable Winegrowing Program is the long-term sustainability of the California wine community.

California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

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