French Onion Soup

There are certainly many recipes out there but the key to a great French Onion soup is the beef stock,and of course, aged Provolone and Gruyere cheese.



  1. Peel and slice the onions and sauté in butter over medium-high heat until soft and golden brown; add the flour and the beef stock little by little; stir and cook gently on reduced heat for 25-30 minutes; add salt, pepper and finish with sherry.
  2. Butter the dish, cut the stale bread into paper thin slices and toast them for a few minutes in oven until golden brown. Line the dish with the toasted bread, add a layer of Gruyere cheese, a ladle of onion soup (just enough to moisten the bread), and continue to layering until the dish is full. Finish with a layer of Provolone cheese, topped with more grated Gruyere.
  3. Place in pre-heated oven (450 degrees) until well browned on top. Garnish with parsley and serve.

Serves: 6-8

Wine Pairing

Esser® Vineyards  Chardonnay

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